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Students of Emil Dale Academy go on to do great things. Please take a look at some of the fantastic successes below.

Please select a graduation year below

Adrien Spencer (they/them)

Aiden Hammond (he/him)

Aimee Chilton (she/her)

Alana Wigley (she/her)

Alexander Mailen

Alexandra Barredo (she/ her)

Alfie French (he/him)

Alyanna Noakes

Amber Turner

Amy George (she/ her)

Amy Lynn-Anderson (she/her)

Amy Youngson (she/her)

Anna Mullan

Anya Bury (she/her)

Asha Scott Powell (she/her)

Bella Allchorne (she/her)

Benjamin Kempton

Benjamin Northwood (he/ him)

Bethany Senda (she/her)

Billie Kerr (she/her)

Bradlee Wetherill (he/ him)

Brandon Eady (he/ him)

Brandon Thompson (he/ him)

Caitlin McNally (she/her)

Callum Stephenson (he/ him)

Cally-Ann Callaghan

Carlie Rosbotham (she/ her)

Cassia Pollard

Catriona Lamb

Charlie Bryant (he/him)

Charlotte Émilie Ashman (she/ her)

Charlotte Flood (she/her)

Charlotte Jean-Moore (she/ her)

Charlotte-Hannah Jones (she/her)

Chelsea Millard (she/her)

Christopher Tierney (he/him)

Christopher Twyford

Conor Mathers

Daisy Locke

Dania Enright

Daniel Niles

Darianna Steele (she/her)

E Willcox

Eliza Sunderland (she/ her)

Ellë McTurk (she/her)

Ella Parmenter

Ella Potter (she/her)

Ella Richards (she/her)

Ellen Coleman (she/her)

Ellie Stevens (she/her)

Emili Rouz (she/ her)

Emily Armstrong (she/ her)

Emily Drover

Emily Rose Barker

Emma Custis (she/her)

Emmie Rawlings

Evelyn Jeyes

Fern Duffy (she/ her)

Finlay McKillop (he/him)

George Hutton (she/her)

George Lynham (he/ she/ they)

Georgia Brierley-Smith

Georgina Anstee (she/her)

Grace Allen (she/her)

Grace Hadabora

Hannah Golding

Harmonie Lloyd (she/ her)

Harriet Caddick (she/ her)

Harry Acklowe

Harry Christopher

Harry Cornell (he/ him)

Jac Trevor (he/him)

Jack Anthony (he/him)

Jack Miller (he/him)

Jacob Atkins

Jacob Collis (he/him)

Jake Seabrooke (he/him)

James Keeble

James Turner (he/him)

Jamie Manning (he/him)

Jasmine Leyland (she/her)

Jenny Nind

Jessica Lim (she/her)

Jessie Odeleye (she/ her)

Jim Burrows (he/him)

Jodie Shankland (she/ her)

Jodie Wallman (she/ her)

Joe Churms (he/him)

Jordan Jones (he/ him)

Joseph Chadd (he/him)

Joseph Lewis (he/ him)

Josh Power (he/ him)

Joshua Berrie (he/him)

Kai Cooper

Kara Chalmers (she/her)

Katherine Dodds (she/her)

Katia Kris (she/her)

Katie Towner (she/ her)

Keiran Constable (he/ him)

Kelsea Richardson (she/her)

Kiera Brunton (she/her)

Kirsty Hill (she/ her)

Laura Bazely (she/ her)

Laura Dawkes

Laurienne Imeson (she/ her)

Leah James (she/ her)

Leesa Tulley (she/her)

Leigh Hayward (she/her)

Lewis Arthur-Hammond (he/ him)

Lilly DeFrates (she/her)

Lily Farr

Lisa McCafferty

Lorenza Michelucci-Dunn (she/her)

Lucas Bradley Benson (he/him)

Lucy Bone (she/her)

Lucy Mai Heathcote (she/ her)

Luke Makins (he/him)

Madison Sproston

Maisie Fogg (she/ her)

Matt Elward (he/ him)

Matthew Sweet (he/him)

Matty Bown (he/ him)

Megan Lea

Megan Pattie (she/her)

Mia Rae

Miaya Weymouth (she/ her)

Millie Christie (she/her)

Molly Quinn (she/her)

Molly Rushbrooke

Natalie Twist (she/her)

Niamh Hassall

Nikita Chan (she/her)

Nina Beckwith (she/her)

Oscar Grimmett

Owen Bagnall

Owen Stringer

Phoebe McNally (she/ her)

Rachael Kendall Brown (she/ her)

Rebecca Holt (she/her)

Reece Duncan (he/him)

Rioja Harmer-Hankey (she/her)

Ronnie Burden (he/him)

Rose Oliver

Rose Storey (she/ her)

Samantha Spragg (she/ her)

Samuel Wells (he/him)

Sarah Pugh (she/her)

Scott Dingwall (he/ him)

Soleil Quarless (she/ her)

Sophia Vafiadis (she/her)

Sophie Bratty

Sophie Ellen Hall (she/her)

Tad Hapaguti (he/him)

Tai April MacIver (she/her)

Taila Halford (she/ her)

Tsiona Hill (she/her)

Will Laing (he/ him)

Yasmin Bennett (she/ her)

Ylana Schafer-Thomson (she/ her)

Zachkiel Smith

Zak Marx (he/him)

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2024 entry now open! Please select one of the options below to apply for our BA (Hons) course with access to student finance towards fees and living costs, Sixth Form and Gap Year course.

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The audition fee for all courses is £37 and is non-refundable. This is a one-off fee payable upon applying and covers the cost of the workshops and panel auditions, as well as any recall auditions if required.

Emil Dale Academy is dedicated to widening participation within the industry and has set up an Audition Fee Waiver Scheme to encourage applications from talented candidates who are deterred from applying by financial barriers.

Please view our Audition Fee Waiver Scheme Policy to find out if you are eligible to apply for a scheme, and to find out how to apply.

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