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Students of Emil Dale Academy go on to do great things. Please take a look at some of the fantastic successes below.

Adrien Spencer (they/them)

Aiden Hammond (he/him)

Aimee Chilton (she/her)

Alana Wigley (she/her)

Alfie French (he/him)

Amy Lynn-Anderson (she/her)

Amy Youngson (she/her)

Anya Bury (she/her)

Asha Scott Powell (she/her)

Bella Allchorne (she/her)

Bethany Senda (she/her)

Billie Kerr (she/her)

Caitlin McNally (she/her)

Charlie Bryant (he/him)

Charlotte Flood (she/her)

Charlotte-Hannah Jones (she/her)

Chelsea Millard (she/her)

Christopher Tierney (he/him)

Darianna Steele (she/her)

Ellë McTurk (she/her)

Ella Potter (she/her)

Ella Richards (she/her)

Ellen Coleman (she/her)

Ellie Stevens (she/her)

Emma Custis (she/her)

Finlay McKillop (he/him)

George Hutton (she/her)

Georgina Anstee (she/her)

Grace Allen (she/her)

Jac Trevor (he/him)

Jack Anthony (he/him)

Jack Miller (he/him)

Jacob Collis (he/him)

Jake Seabrooke (he/him)

James Turner (he/him)

Jamie Manning (he/him)

Jasmine Leyland (she/her)

Jessica Lim (she/her)

Jim Burrows (he/him)

Joe Churms (he/him)

Joseph Chadd (he/him)

Joshua Berrie (he/him)

Kara Chalmers (she/her)

Katherine Dodds (she/her)

Katia Kris (she/her)

Kelsea Richardson (she/her)

Kiera Brunton (she/her)

Leesa Tulley (she/her)

Leigh Hayward (she/her)

Lilly DeFrates (she/her)

Lorenza Michelucci-Dunn (she/her)

Lucas Bradley Benson (he/him)

Lucy Bone (she/her)

Luke Makins (he/him)

Matthew Sweet (he/him)

Megan Pattie (she/her)

Millie Christie (she/her)

Molly Quinn (she/her)

Natalie Twist (she/her)

Nikita Chan (she/her)

Nina Beckwith (she/her)

Rebecca Holt (she/her)

Reece Duncan (he/him)

Rioja Harmer-Hankey (she/her)

Ronnie Burden (he/him)

Samuel Wells (he/him)

Sarah Pugh (she/her)

Sophia Vafiadis (she/her)

Sophie Ellen Hall (she/her)

Tad Hapaguti (he/him)

Tai April MacIver (she/her)

Tsiona Hill (she/her)

Zak Marx (he/him)

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Please select one of the options below to apply for our BA (Hons) course with access to student finance towards fees and living costs, Sixth Form and Gap Year course.

Our Degree course is now full for 2022 entry but we still have a small amount of places left for the Sixth form and Gap year courses. If you would like to be considered for a private audition for 2022 entry please email

Email us at | Difficulties completing the form? Please call 01462 677 808.

Emil Dale Academy is dedicated to widening participation within the industry and has set up an Audition Fee Waiver Scheme to encourage applications from talented candidates who are deterred from applying by financial barriers.

Please view our Audition Fee Waiver Scheme Policy to find out if you are eligible to apply for a scheme, and to find out how to apply.

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