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This document has been prepared to outline how Emil Dale Academy helps staff and students to mitigate the spread and impact of COVID-19.

The following approach is a working document which has been created in line with the Government's guidelines on social distancing, PPE, and other restrictions at the time of writing. Emil Dale Academy is constantly working to stay on top of the changing advice and regulations regarding the pandemic.

Infection Prevention Measures

The following measures are being put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

• Hand sanitising stations will be placed at entrances to buildings, in each studio and an individual sanitiser is now a mandatory part of student kit lists.

• In addition to regular night cleaning, additional cleaning will take place throughout the day, including studio floors – which will be cleaned with antibacterial cleaner between each class.

• One-way systems will be in place at both sites where possible.

• Changing facilities will be closed. Students should arrive at college ‘ready to go’ and will be advised on the specifics of daily uniform during induction week.

• Face masks are now an essential item on the kit list and will need to be worn outside of class.

• Protective screens have been installed at reception.

• Students will sign in their attendance at any entrance point using a contactless sign in system.

• Daily temperature checks will also be carried out upon entry for staff, faculty, and students.

• When signing in and undergoing temperature checks, we will be enforcing 1 person at a time, with queuing outside measured in 2m spacing.

• Buildings will be open earlier to allow for a staggered arrival on site.

• Additional PPE, such as visors, will be provided for teaching staff.

• Hybrid learning, using online teaching, will implemented where face to face is not possible for everyone.

• Students will be kept in groups and asked to maintain social distancing outside of those groups as far as possible.

• We encourage students to avoid public transport and, if it is necessary to take public transport, to take all measures in place from the government guidelines.

Infection Control Procedures

Any staff member or student demonstrating symptoms of being unwell must inform Reception immediately and remain at home.

• Under no circumstances should staff or students attend any Emil Dale Academy building if they are unwell or suspect they are unwell. They must follow Government guidelines and contact 111 and follow NHS guidelines around Test & Trace. They must also report the result of a test to the school – whether positive or negative, as soon as possible.

• If a staff member or student suffers symptoms during the day, they must advise reception and return home immediately. Once home they should call 111 for guidance. They must then update the college by contacting reception.

• If the school experiences a COVID-19 outbreak it is required to contact the local Public Health Officer and the Health & Safety Executive.

• If a staff member or student becomes ill with COVID-19, senior managers will determine who they have been in contact with. All staff and students who have been in contact (same class groups etc) will be required to self-isolate for 14 days before being allowed back onto site.

• Any person who begins to experience COVID-19 symptoms must follow the appropriate guidelines.

This document does not replace the Public Health Policy, common law in the fields of medicine, occupational health, and/ health & safety.

In accordance with government guidelines, individuals who identify as high risk or live with high risk individuals should work or study from home as much as possible. Emil Dale Academy will continue to aid staff who are working from home. We will also strive to ensure that students who are self-isolating will not have their training interrupted. A COVID-19 Risk Assessment has been carried out and shared with the onsite staff.

Last updated 14/08/2020

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