Emil Dale BA (Hons) Graduating Year

Alexandra Barredo (she/ her)

Amy George (she/ her)

Benjamin Northwood (he/ him)

Bradlee Wetherill (he/ him)

Brandon Eady (he/ him)

Brandon Thompson (he/ him)

Callum Stephenson (he/ him)

Carlie Rosbotham (she/ her)

Charlotte Émilie Ashman (she/ her)

Charlotte Jean-Moore (she/ her)

Corey Muizelaar (he/ him)

Eliza Sunderland (she/ her)

Emili Rouz (she/ her)

Emily Armstrong (she/ her)

Fern Duffy (she/ her)

George Lynham (he/ she/ they)

Harmonie Lloyd (she/ her)

Harriet Caddick (she/ her)

Harry Cornell (he/ him)

Jessie Odeleye (she/ her)

Jodie Shankland (she/ her)

Jodie Wallman (she/ her)

Jordan Jones (he/ him)

Joseph Lewis (he/ him)

Josh Power (he/ him)

Katie Towner (she/ her)

Keiran Constable (he/ him)

Kirsty Hill (she/ her)

Laura Bazely (she/ her)

Laurienne Imeson (she/ her)

Leah James (she/ her)

Lewis Arthur-Hammond (he/ him)

Lucy Mai Heathcote (she/ her)

Maisie Fogg (she/ her)

Matt Elward (he/ him)

Matty Bown (he/ him)

Miaya Weymouth (she/ her)

Phoebe McNally (she/ her)

Rachael Kendall Brown (she/ her)

Rose Storey (she/ her)

Samantha Spragg (she/ her)

Scott Dingwall (he/ him)

Soleil Quarless (she/ her)

Taila Halford (she/ her)

Will Laing (he/ him)

Yasmin Bennett (she/ her)

Ylana Schafer-Thomson (she/ her)





Natural Accent:

Vocal Range:

Playing Age:

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