Emil Dale BA (Hons) Graduating Year

Adrien Spencer (they/them)

Aiden Hammond (he/him)

Alana Wigley (she/her)

Alfie French (he/him)

Amy Lynn-Anderson (she/her)

Amy Youngson (she/her)

Anya Bury (she/her)

Asha Scott Powell (she/her)

Bella Allchorne (she/her)

Bethany Senda (she/her)

Billie Kerr (she/her)

Charlie Bryant (he/him)

Chelsea Millard (she/her)

Christopher Tierney (he/him)

Ellen Coleman (she/her)

Finlay McKillop (he/him)

Grace Allen (she/her)

Jac Trevor (he/him)

Jack Anthony (he/him)

Jacob Collis (he/him)

Jake Seabrooke (he/him)

James Turner (he/him)

Jamie Manning (he/him)

Jasmine Leyland (she/her)

Jessica Lim (she/her)

Joshua Berrie (he/him)

Katherine Dodds (she/her)

Katia Kris (she/her)

Lorenza Michelucci-Dunn (she/her)

Lucas Bradley Benson (he/him)

Lucy Bone (she/her)

Matthew Sweet (he/him)

Megan Pattie (she/her)

Millie Christie (she/her)

Nina Beckwith (she/her)

Rebecca Holt (she/her)

Reece Duncan (he/him)

Rioja Harmer-Hankey (she/her)

Sarah Pugh (she/her)

Sophie Ellen Hall (she/her)

Tai April MacIver (she/her)

Tsiona Hill (she/her)





Natural Accent:

Vocal Range:

Playing Age:

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