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**This is a working document**

Created: 16th June 2020

Last review date: 29th September 2020

Racial Equality & Diversity at Emil Dale Academy


We believe that diversity is important to enrich the training we offer at Emil Dale Academy. We believe equality is fundamental to ensuring an environment that is open, creative and progressive.

Emil Dale Academy faculty members met with our students who are POC to evoke meaningful and honest conversation about race in training, and around the college. From this, we have put together a set of initiatives and timeframes to implement these, which will be updated on a regular basis on this page.

We have also timetabled discussions with the entire student body, to share these initiatives and to compel a whole college approach to understanding and acknowledging everyone’s part in Racial Equality & Diversity.

These are the actions we have taken and initiatives we will be implementing as a starting point from our discussions:


  • Emil Dale Academy is committed to hosting more West End workshops/masterclasses within the college led by performers who are POC; this is to include more classes led by POC for weekend schools also.
  • Emil Dale Academy is committed to hosting more West End Workshops for Outreach days at the college, led by performers who are POC. The intention behind this is to attract a more diverse participant pool to come to the college and experience the training at EDA, and build connections for potential future teaching faculty.
  • Recruiting more faculty members who are POC - starting with West End Workshop opportunities to create more connections. HODs also scheduling more in-college masterclasses with performers who are POC.
  • Outreach activities/ days to take place in places with a more diverse community and places with low-participation groups.

What has been actioned?

  • Workshops and Masterclasses led by POC performers are now on our Academy and part-time school timetable.
  • New POC full-time faculty members have started teaching at the Academy.
  • Masterclasses led by POC performers have been and will continue to be timetabled in-college.
  • Outreach days and external workshops will be actioned as soon as the government allows gatherings of a larger size to go ahead.


  • Curriculum to include more material that is written for and by POC.
  • Song material - to facilitate and encourage conversations with singing teachers in regards to appropriate song choices, including determining what is suitable material to learn as an exercise to improve vocal technique and equally what is/ is not appropriate material to be sung in public performance/ performance class or acting through song class.

What has been actioned?

  • Updating our curriculum material is an ongoing progress; plays/monologue text books are being continually reviewed and ordered.

Training/ Education for Staff & Students

Training for race equality forms part of the wider framework for reducing race inequality, and will be embedded in Emil Dale Academy’s governance systems. We will challenge complicity and unconscious bias, and in doing so educate staff and students beyond not just being non-racist, but to being actively anti-racist.

  • Race & diversity training for Staff, providing them with tools to reflect on their role in the circulation of racism, and to build their capacity to challenge racism. This will include recognising and challenging microaggressions.
  • Race & diversity information to be circulated to guest staff before working at EDA.
  • Race & diversity talks and training held during induction week in September. These mandatory sessions will be used to reinforce being actively anti-racist. They will be used to educate the student body about the history and fundamental importance of diversity within society.
  • Career talks from POC to be on-timetable to provide insight into the challenges faced by POC within the musical theatre industry, to provide role models and also for the entire college community to understand their part to play in challenging and thus changing the future of the industry.

What has been actioned?

  • Race, diversity, and equality training took place between our Academy teachers on Wednesday 16th September.
  • A document is being created to share with Guest staff, whereby the fundamental premise of EDA’s approach to race and diversity is outlined, and so that guest staff know upfront our college-wide approach to being actively anti-racist.
  • POC career talks to be timetabled between September - December, Head of Scheduling is in the process of organising these events.


  • New Casting Policy to state that in public performances and in-house projects/productions, roles written specifically for POC can only be played by students who are POC.
  • Review and rewrite the Equality and Diversity Policy, in consultation with external specialists.

What has been actioned?

  • New Casting Policy to be written.
  • Our Race, Equality and Diversity Policy is constantly reviewed and updated

Student Experience

  • Addressing uniform concerns for students who are POC, for example Ballet tights and shoes.
  • No students who are POC should have to feel that their success in the musical theatre industry is limited by the colour of their skin, and equally no students who are POC should feel they are only given parts or awarded a place because of the colour of their skin.

What has been actioned?

  • Head of Dance and Head of Faculty have discussed and updated the kit list, addressing the concerns that POC students have raised. 
  • We consistently encourage on-going discussion with students who are POC to ensure they receive ongoing support and advice; Immediate communication about people to speak to and how to contact them.

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