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Please do not assume that if you drop your child off that they will be able to stay unless you know 100% that all terms and conditions have been followed.

Until they are past reception they will still be your responsibility.

For standards to be kept high and improved a team effort is non-negotiable.

Hence why we take a firm approach to the terms below.

1.a. All fees must be paid by the beginning of term. This includes all post dated cheques. Should a cheque be returned your child will NOT be allowed to continue until it has been replaced.

There is a £10 charge for all returned cheques.

1.b. Under exceptional circumstances E.D.S.A will allow members to pay weekly. This MUST be agreed with the principle.

All PAY AS YOU GO members will need to leave a deposit of £20 payable on the first day of term. You will still be expected to pay for the full term regardless of illness or absences unless otherwise authorised.

1.c. Authorised absences will only be granted under exceptional circumstances.

Authorised absences will only be granted under exceptional circumstances. E.D.S.A will only allow 3 authorised absences a term.

Please email: info@emildale.co.uk with any dates you cannot attend in advance.

1.d. You cannot substitute a class if you have attended a session which has been an agreed absence.

2. The deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances unless a place is not given.

3. All Sunday students must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their class start time. Lateness will not be tolerated unless a phone call is made to 01462 677 808, with an explanation before the student arrives.

4. Students must be collected within 20 minutes of their school finishing.

5. Any unexpected absences due to illness must be phoned through before 9.30am.

6. You must give the school 2 weeks written notice for any known absences. During the show term known absences must be given at the beginning of term.

7. Any unexpected absences must be authorised by the principal or his team. Please send in letter or email emildalesperformingarts@hotmail.co.uk.

Please do not assume that the absence has been authorised unless you have received a response. If you have no access to email you can phone 0845 838 7370 (Local Rate) or mobile 07967 776503 and leave a message.

8. Members of E.D.S.A. must come dressed appropriately to dance. Jeans are not acceptable. All members must bring suitable footwear.

9. Your child must be provided with a small snack for the break time and plenty of water to last the day. Nothing too heavy and nothing that requires hot water.

10. Chewing gum and glass bottles are not permitted on the premises.

11. No food or drink, apart from water, may be consumed outside the break time. If the student feels faint due to hunger they must inform the teacher straight away and a place will be allocated for them to go and eat.

12. During break times all students must remain in the college unless the principal or his team has given prior permission.

13. Students must have with them at all times a notebook and pen/pencil.

14. Students must bring with them every week a folder for any photocopied music sheets and scripts etc.

15. Disruption of performing arts classes will not be tolerated.

16. Disrespectful behavior towards staff and teachers and other students will not be tolerated.

17. Should you have a complaint or concern and need to speak with the principal or his team, call t: 01462 677808 (Local Rate) m: 07967 776503.

18. Should you need to speak with the principal or the team for another reason, an appointment will need to be made. Please email: info@emildale.co.uk or call t: 0845 838 7370 (Local Rate) m: 07967 776503.

19. PLEASE NOTE: Any correspondence needed by the school must be handed in at the times specified. Your child will not be permitted on the premises should correspondence not be adhered to as this greatly affects the smooth running of the school which relies on team effort.

20. Whenever possible, a parent/guardian must be contactable at all times that the child is at the school. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to inform the school of any contact or medical changes that may have occurred.

21. A weekly letter is given out. It is the responsibility of the student and the parent/guardian to read this letter thoroughly and adhere to any of its requests.

If your child misses a week it is their responsibility to get that week’s letter on their return.

Excuses will not be tolerated for not knowing what is going on or what is expected throughout the coming weeks.

22. Terms and Conditions are subject to change providing one week’s notice is given.

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