Information on Coronavirus Measures

West End Excess Covid-19 Policy

Issued: Friday 4th September 2020

Last updated on: Friday 4th September 2020

This document has been prepared to outline how West End Excess will help the staff and students to mitigate the spread and impact of Covid-19.

This is a working document that will be updated if government guidelines change. West End Excess are constantly working to stay on top of the changing advice and regulations regarding the pandemic.

Temperature Checks and Masks

We will carry out temperature checks on all members and staff as they enter the premises. Parents and Guardians will not be permitted to come inside. Any student over the age of 11 and all staff will be required to wear face masks/coverings when walking around the premises indoors - these can be removed once the students are inside their allocated studio or when outdoors.

Social Distancing

Students must maintain a one metre distance from each other when wearing masks and travelling between studios. Students should have their own bag and should not share items with others. Once in their allocated studio, students should remain on their floor marking.

Should a staff member need to administer first aid on a student - therefore meaning that the persons will be closer than one metre apart - they will be wearing additional PPE. This also applies for when temperature checks will be taking place.

Cleaning, Hand Washing, and Toilets

Hand sanitising stations will be placed at the entrances to both buildings and to each studio. Students must sanitise their hands upon entrance to the building and once they reach their allocated studio. We also advise for students to wash their hands thoroughly at home before and after their time at West End Excess.

Cleaning of the studios will take place throughout the day, including studio floors - which will be cleaned with antibacterial cleaner between our morning and afternoon school sessions.

Toilets will be cleaned before, during, and after each day. Students will be given times to go to the toilet during their break throughout the day. Visits to the toilet mid lesson will not be permitted whilst we are social distancing. We would be grateful if students can make sure they have been to the toilet before their arrival at West End Excess to reduce the chances of needing to use the toilet whilst in the building. When going to the toilet students must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water.


Under no circumstances should staff or students attend West End Excess if they are unwell or suspect that they are unwell. Students and their families must follow Government guidelines and contact 119 and follow NHS guidelines around Test & Trace. They must also report the result of any Covid-19 test to West End Excess should one be taken - whether positive or negative, as soon as possible.

If a student or member of staff suffers symptoms of Covid-19 during the day, they must advise reception and return home immediately upon contacting their parent or legal guardian. Once home they should call 119 for guidance. They must then update West End Excess by calling the reception or by emailing Any person who begins to experience COVID-19 symptoms must follow the appropriate guidelines.

If a student or member of staff becomes ill with Covid-19, senior management will determine who they have been in contact with. All students and staff who have been in contact with the subject will be required to isolate for 14 days before being allowed back onto site. During this time, students would be able to log in and attend their classes online.

Team Sizes and Bubbles

In order for students to adhere to current guidelines regarding social distancing, West End Excess teams will be split in half and will alternate face-to-face attendance. This will create a ‘Bubble’ of students, similar to schools.

Snacks and Breaks

A limited range of snacks will be on offer from two tuck shop locations during breaks. We ask, where possible, for students to pay with card or contactless and to avoid cash payments.

Fees and Refunds

West End Excess will not offer refunds should a student be unable to attend classes for any reason, including Covid-19 related illness. This includes if the students household is in isolation, or if they are placed in a local lockdown.

If a local lockdown is put in place that affects West End Excess being open, all lessons will be transferred to online. Fees will not be refunded should this happen.

Online Classes / Hybrid Training

To accommodate all of our West End Excess members, teams will be split in half and will attend lessons at the studios on alternate weeks. Team members that are not training face-to-face will train on Zoom, receiving a stream live from the studios.

We advise for members with pre-existing conditions or who live in the same household as others with vulnerable medical needs to train fully online. Zoom details will be securely distributed each week.

Dance Classes

Students will be guided where to stand in their dance classes by being allocated a mark on the floor. This will be the students personal dance area. If, throughout a class, the teacher would like for the students to partake in a travelling sequence or in corner work - students will be required to move to the edge of the room. They will then be called to the centre of the room one at a time to perform the task.

Acting Classes

Students will participate in socially distanced drama games, group work, and individual work, all the while maintaining a one metre plus distance from another. Scripts will either be handed to students to keep, or will be emailed to parents/guardians ahead of time. We will not ask for these to be returned.

Singing Classes

Please see above government guidelines for singing lessons.

Students will be socially distanced by at least one metre in singing classes, and will be positioned in such a way to reduce risk.

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