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Professional, extreme, triple-threat BA (Hons) Musical Theatre

Emil Dale Academy are working with the University of Bedfordshire to deliver a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre. All incoming BA students therefore have access to student finance Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, covering £9,250 (non means tested) per year towards fees, and up to £8, 700 (means tested) per year towards maintenance costs. This is otherwise known as a students Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan.

Our degree course has been specifically written for Emil Dale Academy, meaning that we are the ONLY Academy offering this degree. This also means that we can continue to deliver intensive, specialist, and triple-threat Musical Theatre training with high contact hours and small year groups. Our three-year BA (Hons) in Professional Musical Theatre provides extreme, triple-threat Musical Theatre training, ensuring that students become industry ready with outstanding technical tuition and study.

We guarantee agency representation for our students in their final year, alongside a London Showcase performance in front of casting directors and agencies. These are included in the original fees, we do not ask for anything extra from our students.

We are located in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, only 30 minutes on the train from London’s Kings Cross.

This course is for students aged 18 and over and provides them with the opportunity to train at the highest standards for a professional career in Musical Theatre, whilst gaining skills that will enhance their career prospects upon graduation.

Entry requirements

Applicants must be aged 18 years or over by the start date of the course.

Entry onto the course is based on both audition and academic qualifications. The following academic criteria is desirable:

  • 80 UCAS points (new tariff) through Level 3 academic qualifications (BTEC, A-Level, Scottish Highers, etc)
  • Level 4 (Grade C) in English Language

When Emil Dale Academy is satisfied that an applicant from an unconventional academic background without formal qualifications fulfils the audition criteria, the academic requirements may be waived, although good spoken English is a requirement for all of our courses.

FACT: All fees include private 1-to-1 singing lessons every week for every student.

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Emil Dale Academy is in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire ( for delivery of the BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre. We are a study centre of the University of Bedfordshire; meaning our students are enrolled as University of Bedfordshire students. When applying for student finance please apply under the University of Bedfordshire.

In partnership with:

This also means that students have access to all of the services and facilities that the University of Bedfordshire have including clubs, sports, library access, online library services, and student services. For more information on the School of Media and Performance (that Emil Dale Academy is partnered with), visit their website HERE.

By partnering with the University of Bedfordshire, Emil Dale Academy is able to widen participation and access to higher education, enabling young people to have a University education as well as receiving exceptional Musical Theatre training.

Emil Dale Academy draws upon the experience of the School of Media and Performance to deliver a strong, robust, and creative BA (Hons) Musical Theatre degree programme.

Applicants apply directly to Emil Dale Academy for the BA (Hons) Musical Theatre course.

You do NOT have to apply through UCAS for this course.

We audition throughout the year. There are only THREE things to prepare. You will need to learn two monologues of your choice lasting approximately 2 minutes and contrasting from one another, and one Musical Theatre song with sheet music (you must bring the sheet music with you), cut to around 2 minutes also.

You will take part in one jazz class where you will be taught and asked to perform a routine and may also be invited for an interview at the end.

We are looking for trainability. Many people come to us as a strong singer or a stronger dancer. Do not let anything hold you back!

We also offer free open days. To apply for an AUDITION / OPEN DAY please CLICK HERE

Extreme - Triple-Threat - Affordable Fees- Affordable Accommodation

What the course offers:

  • London Showcase in front of agents & casting directors in London in your 3rd year
  • Guaranteed professional agency representation when you finish the course
  • Participation in a full-scale production accompanied by a live West End band in your final year
  • Amazing facilities - 1 x 12,000 square foot and 1 x 10,000 square foot purpose built studio complex with 12 studios and a 200-seater theatre (The Factory Playhouse, Hitchin)
  • Up to 35 hours contact hours a week, minimum
  • A minimum of 31 weeks a year
  • No more than 43 people in a year group

Weekly (**Please note during show terms, we will run a condensed timetable to accommodate rehearsals and shows):

  • Private 1-to-1 singing lesson for every student every week (With top industry professionals from across the UK)
  • 3 x West End Jazz classes (Streamed in ability)
  • 3 x Acting classes (Including acting for stage and screen, text deconstruction, monologues, audition classes, acting projects)
  • 3 x Technical ballet classes (Streamed in ability)
  • 3 x Ensemble singing classes (Technical harmony workshops)
  • 3 x 45 mins -1 hour of cardio and strengthening
  • Hot Yoga Classes
  • Gym sessions (run by a qualified personal trainer who tailors the workout to suit your needs/requirements)
  • Tap dance (streamed into beginner, intermediate & advanced)
  • Song and dance class with West End performers (Up to 30 a term)
  • Song workshop to prepare your audition songs with top casting directors & industry professionals
  • Weekly West End Masterclasses (taught by professionals working in top UK Touring and West End shows)

Additional weekly classes include a combination of the following:

  • Commercial dance (With industry professionals)
  • Contemporary dance (Teacher from London Contemporary Dance School)
  • Performance workshop (Perform individually in front of an audience)
  • History of Musical Theatre
  • Professional development (learning about the industry and gaining understanding of casting, job roles, submitting tax return, nutrition and more)


  • Musical Theatre or Acting Projects
  • Careers talks with casting directors, agents & producers

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The BA (Hons) in Professional Musical Theatre Course fees for 2020/21 are as follows:

BA (Hons) Professional Musical Theatre: £12, 250 per year with access to student finance towards fees and living costs.


The fees for studying the BA (Hons) programme in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire are £9,250 per year. This covers all of the education and support required to complete the University of Bedfordshire degree programme.

In addition, Emil Dale Academy offers a range of additional private sector hours to provide exposure to professional musical performance and to enhance opportunities for your career. These are associated with an additional £3,000 charge per year.

All students have student finance access to £9,250 (non means tested) towards their tuition fees every year and all students

have further access to up to £8,700 (means tested) a year towards maintenance costs. These are known as your tuition fee

loan and your maintanence loan.

The tuition fee loan covers the tuition fees you’re charged each year of your course. It’s paid directly to Emil Dale Academy.

The maximum tuition fee loan typically available is £9,250.

The exact amount you can borrow for your maintenance loan will depend on:

  • Your household income
  • Where you live
  • When you start your course
  • What year of study you’re in
  • What help you get through the maintenance grant

*The tuition fee loan is not means tested which means that your household income will not be taken into consideration.

Find out more about student finance here:

Please get in contact should you need any more information


Aside from tuition fees, there are other elements that students will need to budget for including accommodation, bills, food (if they are moving away from home) transport, books, photocopying and printing.

Thankfully, most students have access to student finance to support them. The information below has been published to assist with describing the main sources of funding available and how these can be accessed. Additional income is often sourced by students through part-time jobs, which the Emil Dale Academy recommends. We strongly advise against loans due to extortionate interest rates and potential implications they can cause.

Please note that there are lots of other ways to save money, such as student bank accounts and discounts offered with NUS Extra cards (available to BTEC and Degree students). Full-time students living with other students (only) will also be exempt from paying Council Tax. The Emil Dale Academy can offer scholarships to eligible students however it is advised that students identify other means of sourcing funds for their training before applying for a scholarship as we are unable to offer scholarships to all applicants.

At the Emil Dale Academy, we understand that student finance may seem daunting however it really is just a case of being aware of the expected costs and doing some upfront planning to make sure the required finances are in place.


Fees do not need to be paid in advance or during the course of studies. The deposit, however, will need to be paid to secure the student's place at our academy by the date specified in the offer pack. Students can take out a loan to cover the cost of tuition, which is paid directly to their education providers on their behalf. The student finance loan is paid directly to the Emil Dale Academy whereas the £3,000 fee for the employability classes needs to be paid by the individual to the academy. There are payment options available to assist with planning the payments and how these will be paid.


Accommodation, food, transport, additional course fees and other living expenses will need to be accounted for. It is worth investigating the Student Loans Company as they provide Maintenance Loans to help pay for these expenses. For example, for 2018/19, students not living with their parents can borrow up to £8,700 for the year; those living at home can borrow up to £7,324. This funding is typically paid directly to students in three instalments at the start of each term.


Tuition Fee Loans are non-means tested, whereas the size of a Maintenance Loan is determined (partially) by the finances of either the student, their partner, or their parents. This is all dependant on their circumstances. Maintenance Loans are calculated by the Student Loans Company by researching the income of a student’s parents (including a spouse/partner of the parent as a combined household income, if the student is living with them). Students who are married or over the age of 25 and living with their partner will be assessed to determine the size of the Maintenance Loan.

It is important to know that students who are classed as having ‘Independent Status’ will not receive a Maintenance Loan based on their parents’ or partner’s income. Please note that this applies to students meeting the criteria defined below:

  • If they are aged 25 or over at the start of the academic year
  • If they have been married prior to the start of the academic year
  • If they supported themselves for at least three years
  • If they have no living parents
  • If they are responsible for a child dependents
  • If they are estranged from their parents

Please note that students with children or other dependents may be entitled to other funding. Some examples include; Parents’ Learning Allowance: up to £1,669 a year, dependent on household income. Childcare Grant: up to £164.70 a week for one child in approved childcare, or up to £282.36 a week for two children. Adult Dependents’ Grant: students with an adult who is dependant on them financially (other than their adult children) may be entitled to grants worth up to £2,925.


Upon graduation, please be mindful that the Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan are bundled together and start to accrue interest. Repayment is formed of 9% of income above £25,000. Please note that this repayment is taken even if a student did not complete their degree.

We have provided a sample table below of typical salary bandings and approximate monthly repayments...

Annual salary before tax Approximate monthly repayment
£25,000 £0
£30,000 £37
£35,000 £75
£40,000 £112

For more information and to register your details, please click on the following link:

Please answer the security questions, create a password and write down the Customer Reference Number somewhere safe as it will be needed every time you log in.

We recommend that you review the application process and remember to save your information as you enter it. It is possible to log in and change the information you have entered at a later date.

There is an option available where the system can verify your identity using your passport number. Please do not worry if you don’t have a passport as you can post your birth certificate and a complete proof of identity form to Student Finance England, instead.

Once the application has been completed, the sections can be checked before the application is submitted. The application progress can be checked using your password and Customer Reference Number.

Please note that if you do not qualify for ‘Independent Status’, you will need to provide your parents’ or guardians’ financial details for the previous tax year. This can be provided either online or via a paper application. Proof of income may be required.

We recommend that consent is given for information to be shared as this will allow your university to assess you for additional financial support.


Students may be entitled to a DSA if they have a form of disability, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty (SpLD). Please note that this allowance is not based on income but is based on the students' needs. DSA can be used to pay for various elements such as any additional support, resources or travel fees.


Student Finance’s Compelling Personal Reasons (CPR) may be available if you have had to suspend, withdraw from or repeat a year of study due to genuine personal reasons. If Student Finances consider your circumstances to have affected your ability to study, additional years of funding may be available. It is important to know that you will still be financially liable for any original years of study.

Student Finance typically offers three years of funding for a full time degree student plus a gift year, which can be used for circumstances like repeating a year of study. If your course is longer than three years, Student Finance could offer funding for the duration of the course plus a gift year.

If found in a position where there are insufficient funds to complete your studies due to genuine personal reasons, you may be able to apply for CPR to access additional years of funding. For part time courses, Student Finance offers up to twelve years of funding however this is without a gift year.


CPS is determined by the circumstances of the individual and is considered at Student Finance's discretion. If personal circumstances such as ill health or bereavement have affected your ability to study, resulting in suspending, withdrawing or repeating studies, you may be entitled to CPR.


To apply for CPR, the applicant must write a covering letter to Student Finance and state the reasons for the application. The reasons must detail how this has affected your ability to study, and evidential information should be provided to support the application. The evidential information can be provided in the form of a letter from a GP, social services or an upstanding person in the community, medical records or death certificate. Please note that by repeating part of your studies, this can affect your entitlement to Student Finance funding. For this reason, it is important to find out the information beforehand to consider your options and seek the support required.

Here at Emil Dale, we appreciate that this will be the first time that many students will be away from home so we give new students as much support as possible in finding housing; whether it be in a Emil Dale Academy student house or for some students who will be moving into host family accommodation.

EDA sets up a private EDA Facebook "accommodation page" which allows new students to be contacted by existing students with information on houses and rooms that are available. This private web page is also constantly updated by EDA with links to useful sites, contacts and potential housing.

The EDA Facebook page is a great forum for the students to speak with one another to form groups and also see what potential rooms may be available in existing EDA houses.


  • Rent is approximately £80-100 a week (give or take depending on property)
  • Council tax is exempt for students for the period of the course that they are on.
  • Students usually set up a house account which they pay approximately £40 each per month into to cover utility bills.
  • Host families are available in the local area who rent out their rooms. Many of these families are teachers and all families require a DBS check.

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We hold auditions throughout the year and offer places as we go. Audition numbers are limited and we have a secure Covid-19 environment. Our auditions take place across full days (finish times vary) and the fee is £40. Degree applicants are required to prepare two monologues of your choice, and two musical theatre songs with sheet music. BTEC and Gap Year applicants are required to prepare one monologue of your choice and two musical theatre songs with sheet music. All applicants will take part in an open jazz class. Remember that we are looking for trainability. You do not have to be perfect. The audition fee is £40.00 which you can pay online after filling in the form below. The audition fee is non-refundable.

We believe the best way to get a feel for our Academy is to attend one of our Virtual Open Days or to watch one of our full scale productions in our theatre book here Meet the teachers, look around the building and take classes in all disciplines. We only offer a limited number of open days. Please note: You ALSO get to look around, meet teachers and ask questions on our audition days. You can also book a virtual open day below.

Students apply directly to Emil Dale Academy for the BA Hons Musical Theatre course. Students do not have to apply through UCAS for this course

eg. 07123 456789 0r +44 07123 456789
eg. 11/02/2000


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PayPal account is NOT required for payment.

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