How did Emil Dale start?

    Emil Dale Academy was opened in 2009 by Emil Dale, a 23 year old graduate from Arts Educational Schools London, starting with only 22 students in a tiny primary school hall in Hertfordshire. The school (at the time part time) was opened with only £60 worth of Vistaprint flyers. In just seven years, with not one loan, not one over draft, not one grant or any arts funding - in fact no handouts from anyone (and no, without sounding like an X Factor story, he does not have rich parents - Emil is from a single parent family & grew up in a council house). Today Emil Dale trains 400 students part time (ref: part time school website, 110 students full-time (ref: full time school website from all over the UK. Emil’s extreme, triple threat, affordable foundation courses are having unprecedented results in this sector. He also has his own talent agency (ref: Emil Dale talent agency website repres...

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    Published Monday 21st November 2016

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